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Crochet skirt for toddler

Today we’re gonna work together on this beautiful Crochet skirt for toddler, a free pattern that i designed myself for my daughter and that i wanted to share with you, i hope that you will like it.

The instructions will be given for each section of the skirt, the first section is the belt, the second is our skirt worked with dc and the popcorn stitch alternatively.

You will need :

– around 100 gr of DK yarn, weight 4 in pink
– 3.5 mm hook
– scissors
– yarn needle

Abreviations : 

– ch = chain
– sc = single crochet
– rep = repeat
– dc = double crochet
– hdc = half double crochet
– sl st = slip stitch

– The Popcorn stitch = 5 dc in the same stitch, remoove the hook from work and insert it through the stop of the first double crochet of the 5 we just worked, pick the live loop back up and pull through ( sl st) then ch 1.

Notes : – We will begin with the belt section worked with double crochet in the back loop only.

Let’s get started !

First section : The belt 

  • Ch 10 + 2 (width of the belt) ( ou can add some chaines if you want it to be larger)
  • 1 HDC in the 3rd stitch from the hook, 1 hdc in each st of the row, ch 2 , turn .
  • (The chain 2 count as your first HDC) , working in the back loop only, 1 HDC to the end of the row, ch 2, turn .
  • Stop when you reach the measurment that you want( depending on the waist)
  • Close the belt : by chaining one and single crochet through the 10 loops of the belt’s width ( you can of course simply sew using you yarn needle)
Try to keep this technique in mind,because it helps a lot in many projects !

Second section : The skirt

 with attached crochet to the belt fellow the next steps to make the skirt ( attache the yarn if you sewed)
We work in the two loops .
  • R1 : Ch 2, 1 dc in each st of the belt’s edge, close with a sl st.
  • R2 : * 1 dc in the first 9 st, inc * rep to the end of the row, sl st.
  • R3 : * 9 dc, inc in the next 2 st ( inc of the previous row) * Rep to the end of the row, sl st.
  • R4 : In this row we will start our popcorn st (see abreviations) : *11 dc, 1 popocron* Rep to the end of the row, sl st .
  • R5-7 : 1 dc in each st of the row, sl st .
  • Repeat from R4 to R7 until you the right measurment that you want
For me, i did 5 popcorn rows and i added a dc row at the very end .


 For the edging we will simply work small shells as you can see in the picture bellow 
Work * sl st in the first st,in the next st (1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 hdc)* Rep from * to * to the end of row then clos with a sl st.

The I- cord

This Video will show you how to de the i-cord that i used in the skirt
( use the same yarn and hook)

The Yarn Tassel

This video will help you make it
Weave in all ends with a tapestry needle when finished… And that’s it ! 
I hope that you enjoy making this little cute skirt 
Please excuse me if i made any mistake, those are my very first patterns and i know my Englis isn’t really well too, if you have any question or suggestions please feel free to contact me via the contact form or in the comments, i’ll be glad to help you !

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Hi and welcome to Crochet By Mery, i'm Mery, a mom of twins and a Crohn's disease fighter, crochet helped me a lot and your support will help and motivate me even more, thank  you !

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