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Crochet baby pants pattern – Free Easy & Quick

Today’s Pattern was designed by Luksusukrea (available only in Ducth), a cute baby pants that are simple and easy to make, so choose your favorite yarn color and let’s start !

Our Crochet baby pants pattern will explain how to make it for : 3 monts (6 months, 12 months)
You can always increase the number of chain to match the waist of your baby, keep in mind, the number of chain varies depend of the yarn, you will use.


Material :

  • Merino yarn : 100 gr for 3 months / 150 gr for 6 months / 200 gr for 12 months
  • 3 mm Crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • scissors

Abréviations :

  • sl st = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • ch = chain

Skill : Beginner

Finished measurments :

  • 3 months : 37 cm length /  46 cm waist
  • 6 months : 39 cm length / 48 cm waist
  • 12 mois : 42.5 cm length / 55 cm waist

Notes :

This pattern starts from the waist and will be crocheted in one piece ( no sewing ! yay ! ), we will start from the top, the ribbing will be added in the last step.
Sizes will be mentioned as : 3 months(6 months)(12 months)

The pattern :

  • starting with a 84(96)(108) chain, join the fist st with the last with a sl st,
  • Tip : For an invisible join check the video below ( it’s a Dutch video but easy to follow)
  • R1 : 1 dc in every st of the row
  • R2 : 2 dc in the first st, 1 dc in the next 5 st in the row,*2 dc in next st, 1 dc in the 6th  st* rep until the end of the  row. Total 98(112)(126)
  • R3 : 1 dc in every st of the row, 1 sl st ( with the same technique shown in the video)
  • R(4-16) (4-18) (4-20) : 1 dc in every st of the row ( using the same technique for the invisible join)
  • R17 (19) (21) : 1 dc in the first 49(56)(63) st, join with a sl st the first and the last st.
  • R (18-31)(20-35)(22-39) : 1 dc in every st of the row,sl st.
  • R(32)(36)(40) : 1 dc in the first st, decrease ( 2dctog), 1 dc in each  of the next sts, 1 decrease in the last st , Fasten off
Now for the other leg, attach your yarn to the first st in the crotch (from behind), then work 1 dc in the first st of the opposite, , then 1 dc all around.
Now that the first row is done, repeat the exact same steps that we did for the first leg.
Note : you will notice that there is a small hole in the cratch, we will sew it later .

Ribbing :

  • We are going to add the ribbing on the waist ,and both legs
This video will help you understand the special technik that we are using for ribbing :
Starting with legs :
  • For our little pants we should start with 11 ch, then in the second chain from the hook make 1 sc, 1sc across the 9 ch
  • Join with the last row of the leg using a sl st.
  • work bach thourgh the back loop only of the 9 sts again,repeat this process all a round the leg’s edge.fasten off and weave the ends.
Repeat those steps for the other leg.
Back to the waist to make the ribbing, attach your yarn in the center of the side that you want to be the front of the pants, in that way the join will be in the back.
We will work with the exact steps as the legs ribbing, except that here we will start with 13 ch, and we will leave small holes for the i-cord, so every 6 rows we will do the following :
  • If it’s a row where you start from the botton,work the first 5 st, ch 1, sk a st,then continuez with sc in the back loops only.
  • If it’s a row where you start from the top, work the first 6 st, ch 1, sk a st, then continue with sc in the back loops only.
Sew the join and the little pants are ready !

I cord :

You can add the i cord and the tassel that we worked in the Little Skirt Here .
If the i cord seems complicated for you, you can simply work (3 months = 150 ch)(6 months = 160 ch)(12 months = 170 ch), then add a row of sc ( this is what was used to take the pictures).
Fasten off, weave all ends and here you go !
thank you for all your encouraging comments, don’t forget that you can ask me through emails, or the merycrochet facebook page any questions you want, i will be glad to help you !

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