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7 Crochet Dishcloth Free Pattern

Need more charm and joyful colors in your kitchen ? Today i share with 7 beginners friendly free dishcloth crochet patterns,that can be made in less than an hour and that you can offer as a last minute gift or customize it to match your kitchen color !

Granny square super easy dishcloth : 

In 2 steps : 1 / make a granny square with your favorite colors 2/ Add few rows of double crochet,or half double crochet or any stitch you want ..that’s it your dishcloth is ready to show off .
Need more explications ? here is a step by step video tutorial to help you make it.

Crochet Diagonal Dishcloth :

If you’re a beginner or if you need that your daughter or grand daughter to learn of practice the basic crochet stitches,well that’s THE project for it? 
For me,i used it as a therapy,to keep calm after long crazy days 
the free pattern is here by OLIVES & OKRA
Easy Crochet Dishcloth :
Do you have a 50g skein and you don’t know what to do with it ? here is an easy dishcloth pattern that will give you a great design with good texture 
Free Pattern here 

IN the round crochet circle dishclotch :

to change of the squares,here is a free easy pattern for round crochet dishcloth made by crochet&more 
Check the free pattern here : crochet circle dishclotch

Heart Crochet Dishcloth : 

An out of ordinary pattern , that can add a beautiful touch to your kitchen or that you can use if in few days (don’t tell me that you forgot about the Valentine’s day ! ..)
Free Pattern here  

Cotton Dishcloth :

Another step by step video tutorial but this time for Cotton washcloths ..keep it natural
Set of crochet dishcloth :

Bring more joy to your kitchen with this trio made with scrubby yarn ,that are not so harsh of the dishes,but can help a lot in the washing process .

Free Pattern HERE

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