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Crochet Baby Shoes – Free Pattern (Part 2)


– DK weight yarn .
-Crochet Hook : 2.5 mm 
– A pair of scissors, a yarn needle, Marker

Stitches & Abréviations 
– ch : chain 
– sc : single crochet 
– hdc : half double crochet 
– dc : double crochet
-bpdc : back post double crochet (like the normal dc but instead of working in the two top loops we work in the stitch around inserting the crochet from the back

 – ss : slip stitch


Step 1 : – take the sole of the shoe that we made here ,in the same space where we sl st,ch 3 .
– The first and second row are worked in bpdc as you can see in the pictures,this technic

will help us to keep our stitches straight and well maintained : So first ,yarn over insert your hook from the back of the loop like shown in the picture then insert it in the second loop, yarn over again ,pull up through 2 ,yarn over and pull up throught the last 2 on the hook , that’s the first dc,do the exact same thing in the first and second row ( begin the 2nd row with 3 ch ) and don’t forget to sl st at the end  ( in 1st and 2 nd) . Fasten off

Step 2 : now we’re gonna be working  the toe side fold your work like shown in the picture and count from the front 13 st,put a marker on both sides , join the yarn with a ch at the first marked st  and *start in the same space with 3 ch، then in the next sts we’re gonna be working bpdc2tg,*til the 2 sc st marked 
– Ch3, do the same steps from * to* for 3 other rows.
-for this last row take all st on the hook like shown in the picture ( like an incomplete sc) you’re gonna have 8 loops on your hook ,then yarn over and pull up through all the 8 at once ,ch one then fasten off .




Step 3 : we will be working in this part The Heel,we begin by inserting the hook at the second ch in the front of the tongue part (see picture below) join the yarn with 1 ch,then work dc in every st of the row until the second st of the front part in the opposite side of the “Tongue” . ch3

– *skip 1 st and continue the row like the previous one with dc , at the end of the row ,skip 1 st and do a dc in the very last st , ch 3 * .
– repeat from * to * for 2 other rows , End of the Heel part .

Step 4 : To end the Tongue part ,join the yarn at the last st of the part worked in Step 2 , join the yarn and *ch 3, the 1 dc in each of the 11 sts (as shown in the picture ) ,ch3 and turn * that’s Row1
– Row 2 : repeat from * to * 3 more times .
ch1,sc,1 hdc,continue with dc in each of the next st until the 3 last sts , do 1 hdc, then 1 sc and a sl st in the last one ,fasten off .

Shoelace : ch 100 , fasten off …and your cute litlle shoe is ready ! 

I know it’s not an easy pattern , i hope that i explained it well and that pictures helped you, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask me , i’ll be glad to answer all your questions .
Thank you and see you in another beautiful free pattern.

Crochet Baby Shoes – Free Pattern (Part 1) Sole

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  1. Do you have a video on this pattern?

    1. No unfortunately, but i’ll start a youtube crochet channel soon and i’ll put the instructions for this pattern

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