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Quick pattern idea for easy crochet booties

By Visiting this blog you’re helping me psychically and physically in my difficult journey with Crohn’s disease, so i would like to thank you for your support ! Our pattern today is translated from Arabic.. a very interesting youtube channel where you can find a lot of ideas to make tiny and easy crochet booties for babies,

Click here to get more ideas of easy crochet booties : Lamis Crochet

As we all know, you can use this free crochet pattern to make your first pair of classic baby shoes. These are very versatile baby shoes, which look a bit like baby slippers or Mary Janes. The following instructions will show you how to adapt to any size.

However, many of us have a nostalgic couple saved from childhood. They are perfect gifts for baby showers and can also be made for donations to charities. Crochet booties are quick and easy to make.

Let’s start !

Material :

  • Acrylique or cotton yarn for babies, category 3 [ you will need less than 100 gr]
  • 2.5 or 3 mm Crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • scissors


  • The patterns are essentially based on cm measures, we wont be giving a defined number of stitches,
  • By doing so you can adapt the little shoes to any size, it will only depends on the foot length of each baby.

Abreviations :

  • st = stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • rep = repeat
  • dec = decrease

1st pattern : Easy crochet booties

  • Start with a chain : Foot length x 2
    • Example : for a 6-9 months baby, the foot lenght is about 11.5 cm
    • To make the chain, we should take the Foot length x 2 : 11.5 cm x 2 = 23 cm
    • 23 cm = 54 chain with a 2.5 mm crochet hook and a category 3 of yarn + chain 1 ( not counted as a st)
    • R1 : 1 sc in every st of the row, ch 1, turn
    • Repeat R1 until you get the width of your baby’s feet – 1 cm = 4.8 cm = 11 rows

Next step : Measure the front part of the baby’s feet , from the bottom of the big toe until the bottom of the little toe.

  • For 6-9 months baby, the front part was about 24 st, we should the count 15 st from the left side then mark the 15th st, and same thing for the other side, count 15 st and again mark the 15th st from the right side
  • You can of course just estimate the center of the piece that will cover the little toes, it should be an even number.
  • R12 (i call it 12 but it depends on the width of the baby’s feet): ch 1, sc in every st until the first marked st, sc in the marked st and keep it marked,
    • dec in every st until the second marked st of the row.
    • sc in the marked st and in the next st until the end of the row keep the marker in the st, ch 1 , turn.
  • R13 : Repeat R12
  • R14 : sc in the marked st and in the next st until the marked st, sc in the marked st, ch 15, sc in every st of the 15 st and in the st bach to the start of the row.
  • R15 : Repeat R14.
  • R16 : we will make in this row the buttonhole, for this start by making 1 ch, and a sc crochet in the next 2 sts, ch 2 , skip 2 st , sc in the 3 st and in every st of the row.
  • R17: ch 1 , sc in every st, fasten off
  • Now we will back to work on the other side of the shoe, attach your yarn to the first st in the unworked side, and add the same number of rows that we added in the opposite side by making a sc in every st until the marked on and add a sc in that same marked st. (15 st and 6 rows for this example)

Border :

  • We will also add a border, with white in every st around as you can see in the picture
  • For the other feet,repeat the same steps but ch the 15 st from the opposite side, like shown in the picture.

Sewing :

  • Fold the piece in half, and sew the sole part, then the ankle part, sew the button.
  • To decorate you can add some crocheted bow, or tiny pompom.

Bow :

  • Chain 20
  • Sc in the second st from the hook, and in each st across, ch 1, turn.
  • 19 sc across*
  • Repeat from * for 7 rows
  • Fasten off.
  • Pinch the bow together in the middle, you can sew it, or just roll some yarn around it.

You will see that these are such pleasant slippers to make, Share with me your photos of projects on our little Crochet community with crochet by mery (facebook group).

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Don’t forget that you can also get some inspiration with this tiny crochet shoes favors for baby shower an other ideas in the section For Babies

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