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Crochet vs Knitting : chose your next hobby !

Crochet vs Knitting

Learning new craft is very exciting but sometimes it’s a little bit confusing when you have to decide one thing over the other…we will learn more about Crochet vs Knitting.

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The very same thing happens when a newbie has to elect between crocheting and knitting. Although, both of these are very interesting and when you get used to it you just can’t get rid of this hobby. It entices you to try new patterns and make trending projects to relish.

No matter which one you chose, crochet and knitting are connected to the yarn and that’s the beauty of this craft.

Another thing that make both of these crafts highly fascinating is the contemplative performance of stitching, which not only relaxes the mind but regulate it as well.

Now the question that has completely jammed you in between is that, which one you should chose, Crochet or Knit.

Well, the truth is you can chose either crochet or knit as a beginner. Each of them has its own kind of techniques, tools and terminologies. The only thing common in both is practicing. The mor you practice the more you will learn.

Let’s dig into the differences between crochet and knitting first.

Difference Between Knitting and Crochet?

1.Crochet :

The tool that distinguishes crochet from knitting is the crochet hook. Crochet do works in row but instead of a whole row of live stitches there is only one stitch.

Crochet gives you a chance to correct your mistakes. This is because you have to arrange the only live stitch in crochet. Also, it is faster to make then knitting.

Crochet vs knitting Freepik

The five basic stitches in crochet are single crochet, half-double crochet, treble crochet, double crochet and slip stitch. Other known stitches like waffle stitch, Tunisian stitch and any others are created from these basic stitches of crochet.

Crochet let you knit sweaters, blankets, beanies, gloves and other home accessories.

The presence of a single crochet live stitch allows the crocheter to create multiple fascinating projects like granny squares, amigurumi and many more.

The trickiest thing that a newbie needs to understand is where to put the next stitch while crocheting. But once you get used to it, you will be able to complete every single crochet pattern present on the internet.

2.Knitting :

Crochet vs knitting : Knitting entail the knitting needles and some yarn. It’s created by forming a number of stitches onto a needle and making live stitches. These stitches worked back and forth across the knitting needles.

The end product that you will get from knitting is a fabric pieces that contains continuous loop strings.

There are only two basic stitches in knitting called knit and purl. The interesting fact is that you can make a wide range of projects just with the help of these two stitches.

The stitches are soft and smooth having an unchanging look. Knitting helps in making sweaters, handwarmers, shawls, scarves, hats and any thing you could possibly think of.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into the tools and stitches, these 2 craft types possess.

1.Knitting Tools :

Usually in knitting, a pair of long knitting needles is utilized to create fascinating knit projects. The knit needles come in various sizes and material. They are straight, circular and double pointed. Each knit needle is categorized by its size and the type of stitch the knitter wants to incorporate in design.

For instance, the larger needles help in creation of large loo stitches which are used in projects like knit blankets and small needles help in making baby blankets or stockings.

The straight knitting needles are used for creating flat fabric with back and forth stitching crusade. While the circular knit needles are used when you knit fabric in circle usually cowls, infinite scarves etc.

When you r level will increase from beginner to intermediate you will soon realize that one size of every knitting needle is not sufficient for knitting various projects.

Knitting also has a variety with different techniques like English, German and lever knitting, let’s jump to crochet vs knitting tools.

2.Crochet tools :

Crochet mainly comprises on hook and a yarn. The hook comes in variety of sizes and helps in creating loops like single crochet, double crochet which are the most crucial part and stitches of crochet.

The beginning loop is slip not which is followed by a chain. Crochet looks a lot more like a chain with small knots. It helps in creation of many slip knots and chains for the projects you are working on. Always keep a tension on the other side of fabric while crocheting. It makes the crochet fabric look well-ordered.

The crochet hook size is based on the size of stitch needed. Considering the weight of yarn is an effective tool too. If you have chosen a small hook to work with a worsted yarn or thicker yarn, your crochet project will not end up well. Sometimes basic set of hooks is enough to complete many crochet projects. But demanding on the demand of your pattern and project, the hook will be different.

No matter how lengthy your crochet project is, a single hook will be enough to accomplish it.  

Choose Knitting if :

Now you have got all the details about knitting, what could be your next step? Don’t rush and opt knitting only if,

  • You want to save money by saving yarn, since crochet projects consumes more yarn than knitting ones.
  • You have a tolerant temperament. This is because knitting projects takes a lot of time and are very detailed.
  • You prefer logical directions.
  • You want to relish a decent number of patterns. Knitting pattern are very famous and easily accessible.

As a beginner you will be needing a yarn and a size 11 knitting needles.

Check those 10 easy beginner knitting patterns to try from martha’s blog.

Choose Crochet if :

  • You are interested into doing quick projects.
  • You don’t mind making mistakes and learn from them.
  • You like going up down and across the pattern while crocheting.
  • You enjoy being creative and are excited to and your own ideas to the design.

As a beginner you will be required a normal sized yarn and a crochet hook of size H.

You can start with this easy sweater to crochet in 3 easy steps.

That’s it ! I hope that this post helped you to chose your new hobby !

Thank you .

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