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Crochet baby romper in 3 easy steps

I’m sharing with you today this very cute crochet baby romper, you can adapt it to boys and girls, this design was created by Ece’nin Orguleri, a talented designer.

Acrylic Yarn is the best choice for this design, but of course you can choose any other type, the pattern explains how to make it for 0-3 months babies.

You can adapt the pattern for other sizes, i’ll give you some tips and tricks to do it…

So this crochet baby jumpsuit is the perfect gift! It uses simple double crochet stitch . In addition, you can modify and customize in many ways. I haven’t decided what to put exactly, Maybe a little bunny just like the original design? Is the yellow or pink a heart or a daisy? In any ways we should be ready for the baby boom that i think may be very big within 9 months after this coronavirus isolation. You never know! 😀

Material :

  • 2 skeins of 100 gr of acrylic or any soft yarn.
  • 3.5 mm hook
  • 2 buttons
  • scissorrs
  • yarn needle
  • Measurment tape

Abreviation :

  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • Fpdc = Front post double crochet
  • Bpdc = Back post double crochet

Notes :

We will start by making the legs with ribbing and increases, then the center of the body part where we join the legs and we work it in one piece, then last step will be making the top of the jumpsuit with some decreases .

Crochet baby romper pattern

First Step : Making the legs part

a. Ribbing :

  • Chain 45
  • R1 : Double crochet in the 4th ch and in every st , you should have 42 dc (= ancle circumference)
    • Join the last dc with the first one with a sl st, for a newborn, this part should measure about 19 cm.
  • R2 : ch 2, (Bpdc , Fpdc in the next st) rep in every st of the row. join with a sl st.
  • R3R5 : Rép R2 .

b. Legs :

  • R6R11: ch 2, dc in each of the next sts, join with a sl st
  • R12-R21 : ch 2, dc in each of the next sts, inc in the last st, sl st.
  • Repeat R12 until the width of the leg measure about 14, 15 cm, with 50 dc in the last row .
  • At this point Repeat the steps from ribbing to R21 to make the other leg, we will join them to continue in the next step.

Second step : The Body

  • Hold the 2 legs together from the joined part ( sl st) of the last row as shown in the picture .
  • Insert your hook from in the first st next to sl st then in the same st of the other leg,sc, ch 1.
  • Make a dc in every st of the R21 of the first leg, skip the ch1 st, then work a dc in every st of the R21 of the second leg.
  • Join the last st of the first leg, with the last st of the second leg with a sl st, ch 1
  • Add 15 rows of *ch1, dc in every st around (100 dc), sl st* without any inc. [ it measures about 17 cm]

Easy part ! isn’t it ? Now let’s move on to the last step .

Third step : Top of the Crochet baby jumpsuit

In this last part of our Crochet baby romper, we will work the ribbing in the top of the back panel, add somedecreasing with ribbin in the front, then add the strips.

  • Mark the first and the 7th st from each side.
  • We will continue working from the sl st of the last row, work *Fpdc, Bpdc* until the second marked stitch ( put the marker again in the st), then dc in the next sts until the first marked st of the other side where you should again repeat *Fpdc, Bpdc*, sl st.
  • Ch 1,*Fpdc, Bpdc*, until the second marked st of the first side, just like the previous row, at this point we will start decreasing, make 1 dc2tog, then 1 dc in the next sts .
    • In the last 2 st work 1 dc2tog, then repeat *Fpdc, Bpdc*, sl st.
  • Decrease row : For this row, start with ch 1 ,repeat *Fpdc, Bpdc* on top of every fpdc and bpdc of the last row, then make a decrease, 1 dc in each st until you reach the other side, 1 decrease ( dc2tog), rep *Fpdc, Bpdc*, sl st.
  • Repeat the decrease row 3 more times, fasten off.

At this point the back panel is ready, we will now continue working on the front panel only.

Simlarly we will work on ribbing and add decreases in the border ..

  • Attach you yarn in the 4 th Fpdc, and work with the wrong side facing you ( the inside of the romper), ch 2, Fpdc on top the Fpdcs of the last row, Bpdc on top of the Bpdcs (4 fpdc, 3 bpdc), 1 dec, 1 dc in every dc of the last row, 1 dec in the last 2 sts, then rep Fpdc on top the Fpdcs of the last row, Bpdc on top of the Bpdcs (4 fpdc, 3 bpdc).
  • Repeat the previous row 10 times.
  • Ribbing border : ch 3, *Fpdc, Bpdc* in the 15 sts, ch 3, turn.
  • Repeat for more 3 rows, then fasten off.

Straps :

  • In the back panel mark the 4th Fpdc from the sl st, *Fpdc, Bpdc* 3 times, add 1 fpdc, ch 3 , turn.
  • Repeat the previous row until the star measure 25 cm.
  • Repeat the same thing for the other strap, you can make them longer to cross them over.
  • Sew buttons.

Ecenin orguleri gave us some great ideas to adapt our little jumpsuit to many styles .

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And that’s it ! i hope you’ll like it !

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Thank you for visiting my little blog !

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