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Crochet slippers : easy & quick rectangle free pattern

Today w’re going to work together on an easy pattern to make slippers for any size you want, it’s one of last miniute gifts you can make an give proudly.

These slippers are so easy. If you’ve somehow stumbled across this pattern and never crocheted before, I think you could make these slippers. If you’ve been crocheting forever and need a project you can whip up for your entire family this Christmas, this slipper pattern is going to be your secret weapon.

Regardless of stitch or yarn used, use a smaller hook or work stitches slightly tighter than you typically would. This will ensure your slippers are extra cozy.

This is a very well known concept for Turkish crochet designers, I will share with you other easy and very pretty patterns for children, women and men very soon.

You will find in this pattern the instructions to follow to make this project in any size you want.

Material :

  • 3 colors of Dk yarn worsted
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Notes : for sizes from 5.5 to 7.5 : chain 46 to start (23.5cm can be stretched to 25 cm)
  • For sizes from 3.5 to 5 : chain 40 to start (22 cm can be stretched to 24.5 cm)
  • If you want to make a bigger or smaller size, just make a chain that will go around your half ankle – to the little toe as you see in the picture.

Crochet Slippers Pattern:

1. First rectangle :

  • Color A : chain 46 or 40 ( see notes) + 2 to start
  • R1 : ch 2, 1 dc in the second st from the hook, 1 dc in all the next sts, ch 2 , turn.
  • R2 : *1 FPdc, 1 BPdc* repeat until the end of the row, ch 2, turn.
  • R3 : Repeat R2 (FPdc on top of FPdc of the previous row and same thing for BPdcs)
  • Repeat R3 until you reach the desired height.
  • The height you need to have = Your rectangle should cover almost half of the foot, taking it lengthwise. as shown in the pictures.
  • Now with color B, ch 2, then repeat *1FPdc, 1BPdc* until the end of the row, attach Color C , ch 2 and turn.
  • Repeat *1FPdc, 1BPdc* until the end of the row, fasten off .
  • With color B, ch 2 , turn and add one row of *1FPdc, 1BPdc* ,fasten off.
  • With Color A, ch 2 and add 3 rows for 5.5-7.5 sizes (1 row for 3.5-5) repeating *1FPdc, 1BPdc*

Note : you can definetly work this prject with one or 2 colors, it’s all up to you 😀

2. Second rectangle :

  • Fold the piece in half like shown in the picture, put a marker in the middle stitch of the rectangle.
  • Now we will work with colour B the second rectangle from the first to the marked stitch.
  • Example : for sizes 5.5-7.5 we started with 46 ch, so we should work 23 only for the second rectangle.
  • Important note : The rectangle should from the right side for the right foot and the left side for the left foot.
  • Attach color Bfrom the side ( see important note), ch 2, and repeat *1FPdc, 1BPdc* until the marked st, ch 2 and turn.
  • Repeat this row until you get the same number of rows worked in the width of the first rectangle.

3.Sewing :

  • Fold the piece in half like shown in the picture, wrong side in front of you.
  • Sew the back of the piece (Ankle length) and the bottom (Sole).
  • For the “pointed” front, fold this part so that it makes a triangle like in the picture and sew with color A.
  • Put back the right side in front of you, and that’s it !
  • Repeat those same steps for the other foot (just remember the important note :D)

Once the concept is acquired, you can make these slippers for any age, and they will certainly make great gifts to give to your loved ones.

You will see that these are such pleasant slippers to make, Share with me your photos of projects on our little Crochet community with crochet by mery (facebook group).

Join the facebook page for more ideas, tips and tricks too !

Thank you so much for taking the time to check this blog and supporting this passion <3

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