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Easy crochet baby blanket – Free pattern with video instructions

Our today’s idea is about creating a beautiful easy and free crochet baby blanket with yarn leftovers, this will give you  a cute colorful design especially with the little popcorn stitch that we will be using,

You can make this blanket in any worsted yarn of your choice that’s why i recommand you to combine some beautiful colors from all the leftovers yarn that you have into this project.
The original idea was designed by Biraycahobiler, a Turkish insta crocheter and it turned out to a joyful blanket that could be a great gift for new parents.


As you can see in pictures, i simply repeated rows of white and other rainbow colors alternatively, but you can experiment  this with using just 2 colors for example ( some boy or girls colors ) or even one in one color ( imagine with me the classy and chic resuly that we will get with a simple white or creamy color).

The stitch that we will be using is a sort of mini popcorn, that will be worked in a complete different  way from the original popcorn stitch that we all know ( i made a tiny video for this pattern to help visual learners)

Material :


– worsted yarn ( weight 4) (tip : i advise using any type of acrylic yarn for a blanket,because it makes it easily washable; animal fiber like wool is much harder to wash and if not done properly can shrink and damage your project)
– 2.5 crochet hook
– Yarn needle
– Scissors

Abreviations : 

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
pop = Mini popcorn
YO = yarn over

Mini Popcorn = YO twice, insert the hook in the st, pull up through 1, yo, pull up through 2, yo , pull up through 2, yo and pull up through the last 2 .
For Visual learners : i made this very first youtube video to explain the stitch in French ( i hope that you will support me in this new blogging and youtube channel adventure with your comments and subsciprions, thank you ! )

I have compiled the popular blankets sizes to guide you in the right direction, so you can make it completely custom..



Easy Crochet Baby blanket’s instructions 

R1 : start with chains – this will depend on the measurments that you prefer 

R2 : ch 1, turn, sc in each of the sts around , ch 2 , turn.
R3 : 1 sc in the next st, *1 pop in next st, 1 sc in next* repeat across the row,

  • Switch to another color, ch 2 and turn .
R4 : with the new color, repeat R2


R5 : repeat R3.
  • With every new color, repeat the row 2 and 3 (it’s time to use the old leftovers) until you get the perfect measurments for your baby.

Edging :

This will be up to you again , if you like simplicity you can work 2 rows of sc or hdc, for more cute look you can work shells all around
Fasten off and weave all the ends


Don’t forget that this is just a simple idea to use this beautiful stitch, you can make other decorative pieces with it, a crochet pillow for example !
well that’s it , i hope you like my little blog with the few patterns in it !
psst ! if you need another idea for baby gift check out this easy cute amigurumi pouch 

How to crochet an amigurumi pouch – free pattern

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Hi and welcome to Crochet By Mery, i'm Mery, a mom of twins and a Crohn's disease fighter, crochet helped me a lot and your support will help and motivate me even more, thank  you !

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  1. Great easy pattern thanks for sharing!

  2. 🙁 I just started making this blanket and all of a sudden your Youtube link is no longer available. Can you share another site with me so I can figure out how to go from popcorn stitch row to single crochet. I am single crocheting in jut the single crochet stitches and not in the popcorn stitch. But that doesn’t seem correct. Can you help me? Thank you.

    1. Hi Denise !
      I’m really sorry about that, here the link for the same pattern but it’s in french : , but it shows also clearly the steps and the stitches..
      if it still not clear to make, please leave me a message here and i’ll be more than happy to film another English tutorial fot you.
      Thank you

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